Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Power outages, hackers attacking, natural disasters… Is your business prepared to weather the storm like it never happened? From IT risk assessments to the implementation and continual testing of emergency technology disaster recovery plans, Links has you covered. Work with our disaster recovery experts to evaluate your risks and create a plan to be sure your business stays up and running when disaster strikes.

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IT Security Risk Assessment

  • Identification of potential risks
  • Assessment of potential threats
  • Discovery of failure points

Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Backup Assessment
  • Secure Backup Solution for All Businesses
  • Managed Backup Solution
  • Backup Critical Data

Email Scanning

  • Reduce and eliminate 98% of all SPAM email
  • Low Cost Email Filtering Options
  • Top Rated Cisco Iron port Systems
  • Email Notification of Suspected SPAM

Business Impact Analysis

  • Identify the consequences of disruption to your IT environment
  • Conduct a risk assessment of the hardware and software infrastructure
  • Identify the critical resources needed to maintain business operations

IT Recovery Strategies & Data Backup

  • Develop a data backup plan
  • Identify a Recovery Time Objective
  • Implement recovery strategies for hardware, software, connectivity, and power

Recovery Testing and Implementation

  • Conduct a scheduled comprehensive test to confirm IT operations can be fully restored
  • Regularly review and test data backup and restoration capability

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