Infrastructure Upgrades

Keeping any workplace IT platform up-to-date can be difficult, especially since there are so many new software variants and computer system upgrades out there. Thai PC Support can assist in this matter by pointing you towards industry-proven products that are suitable for furthering your company’s technological abilities. We will also help you to safely make the switch over to the new platform.

After an initial consultation, we will determine whether it is worth it for you to upgrade your company’s computer and network systems to a newer version of your current set up, or if moving to a completely new infrastructure would be more viable. We will then assist in the upgrade process, ensuring that you are left with a stable platform from which you can run your business.

We will also assist with data migration, providing you with a safe and secure method of transferring all of your information from the old system to the new one. With our help, you will have access to your old files and documents through a newer, more efficient commercial IT platform. To find out more about how Thai PC Support can assist you in these matters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Our upgrade services include:

  • Computer hardware (CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Video Card, Optical Drive, Hard disk, etc.)
  • Windows/Operating System, MS Office and other programs needed.
  • Networking (Wifi, Router, Modem, Firewall, LAN cables, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Printers and Scanners software updates

Peace of mind IT Support Guaranteed!