Web Filtering

What Is Web Filtering?

Web Filtering enables you to block inappropriate sites, e.g. gambling, adult themed sites and media sites (Facebook and YouTube) at times of the day which suit your requirements. This allows for a large amount of flexibility on what types of sites you want to block and when.

For example, we can make it so that your network will automatically allow employees access to social media sites at breaks, lunchtimes and then will re-block them again once those breaks end. We can also block illegal file sharing programs from being downloaded to your computers so that your company is protected from potential outside threats and other inappropriate files making it onto your business network.

How Can It Help My Business?

Your business could lose £1000s every month if staff are not following your IT policy. Therefore it is important to businesses that they have the ability to prevent this from happening. It is much more cost effective to put money into Network Content Filtering and keep your business focused, than trying to run a distracted and inefficient business due to unrestricted access to the internet during work hours.

What’s Involved In Setting It Up?

It all depends on the type of content filtering but they’re all based off restricting the user permissions on the server machine for your network. We work with you to define your policy, then execute this using either software or physical hardware solutions.

Of course, if you want to set restrictions for your network but aren’t quite sure what you’re doing then we are happy to set it all up for you, quickly and easily. Security for businesses is always essential so you shouldn’t be letting people on the network waste time or cause damage due to unrestricted access.

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